Sunday, October 13, 2019

Blistering Moments - Therapeutic Dreams

Label : Dead Man's Curve, UK, 1986
Ripped by Trantor

Tracklist :

A1. Night Prowler (3:11)
A2. 77 Seven, I Guess (5:48)
A3. The Plat-Eyed Disposition (11:05)
B1. Bushwacker's Overture (5:46)
B2. Clean Thyself (5:14)
B3. Die Mütherfucker (14:49)


Steve said...

Nice to see this-an all-time fave. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This looks like it's really interesting. Sadly, 2 attempts to download it resulted in either a web shutdown or a corrupt files notice. Mediafire used to be so dependable...oh well.

Anonymous said...

Worked for me. Very good music... Thanks!