Wednesday, September 11, 2019

RJF - Greater Success In Apprehension & Convictions

Label : New Terror Now, Sweden, 1983
Limited edition of 300 copies
Ripped by Mantraitor

Tracklist :

White Side
A1. Maximum Pain (6:57)
A2. Jugend Dance (5:38)
A3. Christmas Laughing (8:00)
Black Side
B1. Minimal Brain Function (3:41)
B2. Convulsive Repulsive (4:25)
B3. No Room (4:01)
B4. Zuwiederhandlungen (7:18)

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HKSO said...

A total cornerstone of the Swedish 80s industrial. I just want to add this rip was made by me in a very poor way back in 2003 I think. I didn't have any proper equipment so had to rip it from tape sourced from vinyl. Since then I was assigned the honorable task of joining the RJF kommando and we recorded the second long player "Sweet Slow Suicide" in 2013 - 30 years after the release of "Greater Success....".
The debut got a very recommendable CD reissue through Segerhuva, around a decade ago or more.

Actual news from RJF: we have been working on a new LP version of the debut. Coming soon on Harbinger Records. True Scandinavian Jawbreaker. Remember where you heard it first kids!