Friday, May 17, 2019

Mental Anguish - Red Eclipse

Label : Nostalgie De La Boue [ndlb#125], Ivory Coast, 2019

As some may have noticed, I am a great admirer of the big US cassette labels of the eighties, such as audiofile Tapes, Harsh Reality Music or Sound Of Pig Music, and I consider Nostalgie De La Boue net-label as partly an inheritor of their spirit.
So I had to release something by Mental Anguish, alias Chris Phinney / Harsh Reality Music.
"Red Eclipse" is unreleased material recorded 2010-2011.
You can read here a presentation of that album written by Chris himself.

Tracklist :

1. Rotund Toad (6:36)
2. Danger Humidity Cloak ! (6:10)
3. Sucking The Oxygen Out Of The System (5:51)
4. TG Day Impromptu Mix #1 (4:55)
5. TG Day Impromptu Mix #2 (4:39)
6. Every Good Boy Deserves Glitch (4:23)
7. Another Day, Another Sin, That I'm Thankful For (5:51)
8. Walking Through The Walls (4:11)
9. Head As A Hat ( Now It's Your Turn) (5:03)
10. Long As She Can (7:55)
11. Becoming Vitreous (6:33)
12. Red Eclipse (8:28)

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