Friday, October 26, 2018

Various Artists - Rogues' Gallery

Cassette, C90
Label : Bog-Art, Germany, 1990
Ripped by Luca Forest-Fiore

Tracklist :

A1. De Fabriek - Confrontatie
A2. Elcarna - Le Tronc
A3. Elcarna - Censor
A4. Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl - Champagne In The Penthouse II
A5. Kapotte Muziek - Sucking (For Kuno Hofmann)
A6. Big City Orchestra - For We Love No-One
A7. Big City Orchestra - I Don't Wanna Be The Horsie
A8. Arnovah - Broken Bones
A9. Urbain Autopsy - Boredom Ruins
A10. Costes Cassette - Une Emeute Pour Un Synthé
A11. If, Bwana - Killing Time
A12. If, Bwana - Wanted, Always
A13. Louis Pasteur - Sweet Spirit
B1. No Unauthorized - Trachea Song
B2. Pacific 231 / B. Wolf - Gnose Phone
B3. Mario Marzidovšek - Serial Dialog
B4. Berserker - - - -
B5. Narzisse - Make You An Offer
B6. Didier Moulinier - Helena
B7. Hags - Disturbed Mind And Legs And Sex
B8. 37 Pink - Pumped
B9. Vivenza - Metallurgy (Live, Eindhoven)
B10. The Haters - Diat 4
B11. FâLX çèrêbRi - A Good Example For Bad Music
B12. Linea Tactica - Festiva Y Vasta Jarana En Al Bodegon

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