Saturday, September 8, 2018

SPK - Live Glasgow 1984

Rip provided by Douglas Green

Recorded live at Night Moves, Glasgow, November 1st 1984.
(Picture by Philippe Carly, not taken that night but around the same period)

Tracklist :

1. SPK - Live At Night Moves 1984 #1 (27:09)
2. SPK - Live At Night Moves 1984 #2 (25:56)


Unknown said...

Great Find and Great Share! Thanks

Bodhi Amol said...

Wow,finally a Live Recording from 1984 - Thanks very much!

Bodhi Amol said...

Hello,conserning the Bonustitles of the 10 Inch:The makers of the record did two mistakes:Crack! is wrongly titled,the music structure is that of the song "Seduction" and what Greame Revell is singing means "That is the War in this Day!" (the original German Lyrics goes like this:"Das ist der Krieg in diesem Tag!").
2)Track 1 is in fact "Berufsverbot" and NOT "Cry from the Sanatorium".
The 5th track MIGHT be from the first concert in 1979 but i don't think so,because the Garibaldi's Tracks were on Document 1979-83 Boxset AND on an EP, but not this one.It sounds like the version that is part of the Despair Video/DVD,which is live in Rehearsal 1979...

Anonymous said...

Of course my comment refers to "Working Cycle Transmissions",please be so kind and put it there,if you can!

Gilbert Crest said...

I think I saw SPK around that time in Frankfurt. Thanks for all these posts.