Thursday, June 23, 2016

Various Artists - Ataxie Mentale

Cassette, C90
Label : Tâche de Sang Production, France, 1987
Limited edition of 50 copies
Ripped by Romuald Berthault

Obscure and very rare but excellent compilation tape.
Packed in a tin can with booklet.

Tracklist :

A1. Der Komsks - Ich Bin Kalt
A2. Der Komsks - In The Corner
A3. La Nomenklatur - Ostao
A4. X-Ray Pop - Bébé Cosmique
A5. Pacific 231 - Prélude
A6. Pacific 231 - Kz
A7. La Strada - Djouallah
A8. La Strada - Obsession
A9. David Chazam - Drivin'My Car
A10. CHAAU - New Frankeinstein
A11. CHAAU - No Name
B1. Vox Populi! - Bemafu
B2. Vox Populi! - Néoplasie 4
B3. Le Syndicat - Corniches Et Sagaies
B4. Borgovnia - Dzigen Wart
B5. Minamata - Emle
B6. No Unauthorized - En Couleur
B7. Berlinerluft - Hippke & Schröder
B8. Castor Nost - Sombre Eté
B9. BB Speedok - Gonocoque
B10. N.S.I - La Machine A Coudre
B11. N.S.I - The Cockroach
B12. P.L.Z - Pasqua T'es Un Gros Con
B13. P.L.Z - Le Pape A La Télé

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Anonymous said...

This Compilation and the Croyances Divisées compilation only have the Right Channel present(The left is silent).
I really enjoyed the N.S.I. tracks. I have Never heard them before and would like to thank you
for giving me the opportunity to hear them. Thanks again.