Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Zoviet France - 7.10.12

Label : Alt.vinyl, UK, 2012
Ripped by Emmanuel Haubry

Tracklist :

A. Resurrecting The Sun
B. The Leaves Of The Birch
C1. Altitune
C2. Rolling Air
C3. Altituned
C4. Picked Up
C5. Not Always Green
D1. Waiting At The Gate
D2. Zerlest
D3. Gathering Breath
D4. Feezeling
E1. It Stopped Short
E2. Feel The Way
E3. Just The Lay
E4. Stimatze
F1. Zerlester
F2. Ca'raven
F3. It Stopped (At The Moment When Rona Arrived)


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