Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hands To - Flatline

2x12", Single Sided
Label : Petri Supply / Incubator, US, 2009
Ripped by Emmanuel Haubry

That album had a strange history. It was recorded in april/may 1990 and was initially supposed to be released the same year : 12 test pressing copies were made but then nothing more... An advance edition of 18 copies saw the light in 2001 but then nothing more... Jeph Jerman finally self-released it on CDr in 2006 before it receives a proper vinyl edition release in 2009.

Tracklist :

A1. Luce
A2. Antart
A3. MX
A5. Jowcol
A6. Jirix
A7. Thelk

A1. Luru
A2. Isu / BG
A3. NC
A4. Billiday
A5. Nones
A6. Edint

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