Saturday, November 21, 2015

Autopsia - The Silence Of The Lamb - Waldsinfonie

Label : Hypnobeat, Germany, 1995
Ripped by Carlo

First released in 1993 as a 4 tracks miniCD and re-released in 1995 with 5 bonus tracks.
This is the last Autopsia post for now. You can listen and download more Autopsia here.

Tracklist :

1. Gebet (2:27)
2. Erwachen Des Waldes (5:36)
3. Gebet II (3:27)
4. Welt Ist Von Erz (4:57)
5. Die Jagd Beginnt (2:57)
6. Zu Ehren Der Sieger (6:55)
7. Der Wald Versinkt Im Schlaf (5:56)
8. Condemnation Of Robin Hood (6:33)
9. The Death In The Forest (5:45)

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Gerard L. said...

"Silence Of The Lamb" is a "waldsymphony" published in full only in 1995 where serbs Autopsia blend elements of medieval music, classical and industrial. Autopsia make us think of followers of Faust, but offers us also music even more peripheral. Shine psalms pathological and continues their relentless program of premature burial. With this work Autopsia returned after a long hiatus with their last requiem, another ambitious project overwhelmed by their usual apocalyptic and gothic overtones.
Gerard L.