Wednesday, September 30, 2015

MFH - Ground Zero

Cassette, C60
Label : YHR Tapes, UK, 1981
Ripped by paphio23

Six tracks from that cassette also appear on the MFH "1979-85" CD.

Tracklist :

A1. Back To Basics (2:37)
A2. Geigenzeit (2:55)
A3. Interlude I (1:11)
A4. The Last Few Days (3:58)
A5. Mistral (2:31)
A6. Tunnel Vision (10:25)
A7. Interlude II (0:47)
A8. Whitescape (5:29)
B1. Funk (4:29)
B2. Ground Zero (1:29)
B3. Open-Web Soldiers (2:30)
B4. Metal For Michael (5:55)
B5. Interlude III (0:57)
B6. Safi (2:22)
B7. Behind The Darkest Clouds (11:52)


Horst said...

Absolutely amazing, thanks!

Steve said...

Thanks! Once I attempted to purchase this item (used) from a local retailer, but it had the wrong cassette inside. Finally can hear it in its entirety. (Six of the tracks appeared on the MFH 79-85 collection on Forced Nostalgia.)

Woz said...

many thanks for this

YHR said...

there's also a compilation cd with andrew cox (rip) recordings on the same label.