Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Edward Ka-Spel - Apples (Big!) China Doll

Cassette, C60
Label : audiofile Tapes, US, 1987

Live performance and radio interview recorded in May 1987 during US tour with Skinny Puppy.
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Tracklist :

A1. Flesh Parade
A2. Aa∆zhyd China Doll
A3. The Qa'Spell
A4. Suicide Pact
A5. Lilith's Daughter
B1. Avengelist
B2. God In A Cupboard
B3. Black Zone
B4. Love In A Plain Brown Envelope
B5. Interview

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temps forts d un esprit egare said...

Many thanks for sharing this rarety ! I am a LPD & Kaspel fan so .... I am very glad to find this tape.