Sunday, January 12, 2014

Various Artists - La Chair Entre Les Lignes

Cassette, C90
Label : Les Ballets Mécaniques, France, 1988
Ripped by Dualtrack

I've recently been in touch again with Serge Peirat, founder in the eighties of the Marseille-based label Les Ballets Mécaniques, who expressed the wish to see his releases available for free. So I decided to re-post "La Chair Entre Les Lignes", a classic compilation cassette of extreme post-industrial and experimental musics (also released in the US by Panic Records & Tapes), that was ripped and shared six or seven years ago by the now defunct blog Dualtrack.

On Discogs, Serge Peirat has written those comments about that cassette :
"A really interesting tape : most of the bands, here, are doing tapes manipulations, cut-up or sounds collages : Etant Donnés is an amazing artistic duet, full of powerfull poesy and creativity....A must. I don't know if this track "transparente nature" can be found in another item.
Some of the presents bands were very importants and wellknown in the 80's as Smegma, SBOTHI and The Haters. Others, like SWSW THRGHT, Emile Beaulieau (the manager of RRRecords doing a very good concrete music!), Der Akteur and Burden of Frienship (look at Scott Marshall's website. He was the leader and is a really interesting libertarian artist...)are really really interesting.
OrganHouse was doing a very good ritual music : "sumerian charm against Daemons that assail in the Night" is one of the greatest ritual/magical song I know...
L'Akstremauncio was a catalan (not spanish!)band doing a very profound, rich and sincere harsh electronic music. Much more than a standart noise band! Look at their tape "Pogrom a Ashkenas", even the cover is different from the standart industrial iconografy...
Psychodrama, led by the astonishing Brett Kirby was a neo dadaist-provocativ-crazy performers band... "Devil in cabaret" is a good exemple of their best facet.
The others bands, in my opinion, are not as interesting as these first ones.
This tape gives a very good view of the experimental scene in the late 80's (sound collage - concrete music - noisy music -ritual music - out of boundaries music )..."

Tracklist :

A1. Étant Donnés - Transparente Nature
A2. Smegma - Anatomic Anne
A3. Parazites Murder - Excerpt From "Runes Liees"
A4. Pierre Perret - Excerpt From "Gaia, La Terre"
A5. SWSW THRGHT - Running Risks
A6. Emil Beaulieau - Fontanaria
A7. S.B.O.T.H.I. - Die Mùhle
A8. Der Akteur - Untitled
A9. Falx Cerebri Feat. Graf Haufen & Hapunkt Fix - Untitled
A10. Ritus - Birthday Parties
A11. The Haters - Garbaoal
A12. Allimentation Générale - Untitled
A13. Burden Of Friendship - Excerpt From "The Copulation Of Church + State"
B1. Organhouse - Sumerian Charm Against Daemons That Assail In The Night
B2. Organhouse - Hecate
B3. L'Akstremaunçió - Codex Nazareus (1983)
B4. L'Akstremaunçió - Germans Blaus / Annapel Blau (1983)
B5. Psycodrama - The Devil Song
B6. Psycodrama - Jesus In Cabaret
B7. Francisco Lopez - Paloma Tiene Ahora Ojos Compuestos
B8. Comando Bruno - Fete Mauresque (Zambra)
B9. Comando Bruno - Scherzo Minimo

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Costanzo said...

I have this tape, the one issued by Panic. It was wrapped in a melted vinyl record, cool stuff. Love those Organhouse tracks.