Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Various Artists - La Zona

Label : Discos Esplendor Geometrico, Spain, 1988
Ripped by esnail

Tracklist :

A1. Macromassa - Japón Ignorant
A2. Victor Nubla - Este Es El Famoso Chiste De Las Dos Vacas
A3. Orfeon Gagarin - The Parametric Pianoforte
A4. Comando Bruno - Sueño Imperial (Parte VII)
B1. Jabir - Desfile De Las Tropas Del Emir (Version 2)
B2. Esplendor Geométrico - Avance Rápido
B3. 32 Guájar's Fáragüit - Menages 6 & 7
B4. Polonio - Le Recif De Cancale / Evohe Evohe


Richard said...

Dear Tristan,
I'm very glad you are posting a serie af releases from spanish experimental/industrial scene of the 80'es. I'm really interested in this items, they must be rediscovered! I'm looking for the following works:
- Camino Al Desvan: "581"-"Violines y Trompetas/ Una Fuente Inservible"
- Bercomize: "Lluvia Acida"
- Luis Mesa: "Alquimia Detras"-"Arqueotomia"-"Bronce Arena"
- Merz: "Bustos"-"Justicia Divina"-Los Ojos Muertos"-"Sonido Directo n°1"
- Recursos Ajenos/ Merz: "Una Exposicion"
- Polidrico: "Fundidor 0 10"-"Imaledam"
- Funeral Souvenir: "La Noche Del Anhidrido"
- Orfeon Gagarin: "Gift Of Fire"-"Neumotorax S.XX"-"Contestacion Capilar"
It woul be fantastic if you could post some of them!
Many thanks.

jean-marc roca said...

thank you very much for this post, I like spanish industrial music a lot...
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I wish you a very long life, with love