Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Janus - Necronomicon

Cassette, C60
Label : Minus Habens, Italy
Ripped by Carlo

Janus was Ulrich Demgen and his brother Andreas, from Germany.
Excellent tape !


soundhead said...

Wow!! This is great! Thanks as always.

KANIKA said...

No words to say . Simply awesome!!! keep posting . All the best

Antony said...

Incredible work!
I looked at this k7 for many years!
Thank you!

Mary said...

Many, many thanks.
Very interesting and unespected!!!


Tony Kontis said...

thank you for all the great stuff so far
btw any idea what's this?

Will I said...

Sorry, but Janus was not Rose and me. It was the project of our friend Ulrich Demgen and his brother Andreas. I just played a little bit with a Wasp and / or MS10 on a track or two.

tristan.koreya said...

thank you Will I and sorry for the confusion... anyway that's nice to hear from you again !

Esteban Tenedor said...


Vicky said...

This is cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Stumbled across this post. I am trying to find out if this is the Janus that did another cassette possibly called journeys which was a black and white insert with the same typeface.
I brought a copy through an advert in GM magazine or Dragon in the late 1980's
Any extra info would be amazing!