Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Raksha Mancham - Ten-Dzong Ma-Mi (The Faith's Fortress Fighters)

Label : Kangyur Recordings, Belgium, 1989

With that third and last Raksha Mancham LP (that includes few reworked tracks from "The Way Of Dead Indians" and "Demain Est Le Dernier Jour" cassettes), the complete Kangyur Recordings / Raksha Mancham pre-CD discography in now available on that blog.

Tracklist :

Kham Side
A1. Culturcide (Initial Part) (1:48)
A2. Chu-Shi Khang-Druk (6:15)
A3. Combat Of Faith (3:03)
A4. Chams (1:54)
A5. Fight (4:20)
sMon-Thangs Side
B1. The Way Of The Abyss (3:12)
B2. Waiting For Someone Who's Already Gone Away (4:25)
B3. Thoughts (To Drolma And Tara) (1:53)
B4. Karma (Aphrodite) (5:16)
B4. Culturcide (Final Part) (1:27)
B5. Gyaltsen (2:19)

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