Friday, December 21, 2012

:zoviet*france: - Live, Le Batofar, Paris 23 September 2011 (Extract)

Audio streaming
Label : Nostalgie De La Boue [ndlb#21], Ivory Coast, 2012

"Nostalgie De La Boue", the name of that blog, and the name of the associated net-label, comes from the title of a :zoviet*france: track (on Loh Land cassette) : an homage to my favourite band ever. No need to say how honoured I am to release that recent live piece...
Many thanks to Ben Ponton and Mark Warren for accepting to share. And special thanks to my friend Thierry Aimé (with whom I saw that concert) for helping to encode and upload the file.

Tracklist :

1. Live, Le Batofar, Paris 23 September 2011 (Extract) (34:29)

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lucianociv said...

GREAT !!! thanks
I needed some news from ZF, to me too my favourite band.
Any chance to get an mp3 of this recording, or cdr or something else to bring it to my full ZF collection?
thanks again