Monday, September 3, 2012

Various Artists - Extremity Exhibition

Cassette, 2 x C60
Label : Technological Feeling, Italy
Ripped by Carlo

Tracklist :

A1. Armando Velasco + Armando Sanchez - El Sabado
A2. XY.M.NX. - $.D.O.Z.
A3. Costes Cassette - Debout Sur Tes Fesses
A4. Hybryds - Mè Hen Na
A5. Jean-Claude Charlier Et Son Orchestre - La Tristezza D'Un Cane
A6. La Sonorité Jaune - Anyone Can See I Love You
B1. Jean-Claude Charlier Et Son Orchestre - Voulmarre Voüllu
B2. Masters Of The Ungentlemanly Art - _____
B3. La Sonorité Jaune - Meaningless
B4. Parasophe - Pierre Vallin, Les Origines
B5. Vox Populi! - Mithra
B6. Audiopeste - Ho-Ha-Ho
C1. Armando Velasco + Vistas Fijas - Cumbiosis
C2. Bruno Cossano - Triumph Of The Crime
C3. TV Cherubs - Scheriproct (Part I)
C4. Costes Cassette - Costes Cassette Et Les Laids Bébés
C5. Negativ Person - My Body (During And After The Weariness)
C6. Hybryds - Ritual Beat
D1. Motva - Macabre Noire
D2. S Core - Matrix
D3. NY.M.NX. - Stratificazioni Di Acciaio
D4. Oto Von Oth + Philippe Fauconnier - Mr Lucien
D5. Juventudes Apatridas - Cultura Acera
D6. TV Cherubs - Scheriproct (Part 2)


Gary said...

One of the most important compilations of early italian industrial music.

Anonymous said...

Archeo-sounds... Interesting.
Thank you.

Carlo said...

courtesy of Stefano Musso/Alio Die for this listing)

TF01 - F:A.R.(I) "Duello sul cervello" (C46)
TF02 - F:A.R.(I) "Final Alternative Relation" (C46)
TF03 - Open Graves Style (I) "Fear" (C46)
TF04 - VVAA "Pianeti di Lana 1 - Grausame Vorstellung" (C60+booklet)
Italian compilation with: MB, Tasaday, F:A.R., 2+2=5, T.A.C., Neulengback Pan, Laxative Souls, RAT
TF05 - VVAA "Pianeti di Lana 2 - The Invocation" (C60+booklet)
Italian compilation with: Open Graves Syle, Officine Schwartz, Maze 1066, Lyke Wake, D.Ciullini, Ba alzebub, G.Cantoni
TF06 - VVAA "Einsamkeit Als Mensch" (C60+booklet)
International compilation with: Vivenza (F), Denier du Culte (F), Merzbow (J), T. A.C. (I), Bourbonese Qualk (GB), F:A.R. (I), Peng Peng (D), Reinke/Beck/Dittmer (D), Keeler & Tara Cross (USA)
TF07 - VVAA "Pianeti di Lana 3 - Molteplice Enarmonico" (C60+booklet)
Italian compilation with: A.Fiori Carones, LA1919, The Tapes, Sigillum S, Brain Discipline, G.Toniutti, G.Borghini, MTT, Wiegen Den Toten, Influenza
TF08 - MGZ (I) "Affection" (C46+card&sweets)
TF09 - F:A.R. (I) "Frammenti" (C46)
TF10 - VVAA "Extremity Exhibition" (2C46+flowers&nail)
International compilation with: B.Cossano (I), S.Core (J), Vox Populi (F), Costes (F), Oto von Oth & P.Fauconnier (B), Hybryds (B), JþJ.AA (E), Audiopeste (E), La Sonorite Jaune (F), TV Cherubs (J), J.C.Charlier & Son Orchestre (F), Hy.M.Nx.(I), Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art (USA), Negative Person (I), MotVa (USA), Armando Velasco Toreres (Mex), Parasophe (B)
TF11 - S.Core (J) "A Great Lump" (C46)
TF12 - MGZ (I) "Wounded" (12" with Amen THXl138)
TF13 - Yellow Yawn (I) "Rev. Gasper's Dream" (C46)
TF14 - The Tapes (I) "Totem" (C46)
TF15 - Tasaday (I) / Brain Discipline (I) "Eracle / Hermes!" (2C30+photocard)
TF16 - MGZ (I) "Who is the monster? / Hai Paura?" (12")
TF17 - The Tapes (I) "Real Time" (C46)
TF18 - The Tapes (I) "Il tempio" (C46)