Monday, March 26, 2012

The Shadow Of A Doubt - Disagreeable Mental Defective (The God's Curse)

Label : Bog-Art, Germany, 1988

Excellent release by Italian act The Shadow Of A Doubt, recorded in Ampzilla's Delight studio in Germany and featuring BogArt.

Tracklist :

Poison Side
A1. Viscida + Viscerale (4:20)
A2. Imperium (Flucht II) (2:59)
A3. Achtung Terroranschläge! (3:20)
King Kong Side
B1. Eckekopf (3:47)
B2. Aggressive Visions (II) (5:14)


yyesod9 said...

Thanks for it !


soundhead said...

Been wanting a chance to hear this for a while! Thank you as always...

Anonymous said...

I have the vinly and want to sell it!