Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big City Orchestra meets Eel O. - Pandora Snicker Eros

Cassette, C60
Label: Ecto Tapes, US
Link provided by Alex T - El Topo



Alex T - El Topo said...

Dear friends, the long list of B.C.O. uploads is (by now) ended. I've a few other releases, but them are still avilable an so I'll not upload them untill them are deleted.
I close with my personal wanted list:
1987 - Annual 1986
1987 - Myth Makers
1988 - Substance Abuse
1988 - Annual 1987
1988 - Absence Sharpens, Presents Strenghtens
1989 - Aime-Morot
1989 - Annual 1988
1989 - Bretagne
1989 - Childhood Rememberences
1990 - Annual 1989
1990 - We Like Noize
1990 - Bell, Book And Candle
1990 - Tallywags
1990 - Prattling Box
1991 - Annual 1990
1995 - Tryst 8 (with Voice of Eye)
1997 - Untitled (with Phÿcus)
1997 - And When We Get Homme, We Find Someone Else's Male
1997 - Split (with Delphium)
1998 - Butchered (with Expose Your Eyes)
2003 - Pixies
2006 - Probe
2009 - Ymiz
2009 - Untitled (with Pardon My Early Exit;Hope You Survive!)
2009 - The Big City Orchestre 30th Anniversary Disc
2009 - Eerily
2010 - Adita
xxxx - Beatles Hell
xxxx - Carnival Of Monsters
xxxx - Water Bewitched
xxxx - Dance Upon Nothing
xxxx - Tryst 6 (with Nux Vomica)
xxxx - Untitled (with John Hudak & Dada Frolic)
xxxx - We Like Noize Too
xxxx - Gaiement
xxxx - Verstimmt
xxxx - Owlfull
xxxx - Mind Bent And Fancy Free
xxxx - Sound Choice Cassette Culture Selection
xxxx - Seeds Of Doom
xxxx - Telegraphe

All the best.
Alex T - El Topo

tristan.koreya said...

Dear Alex,
Many many thanks for all those BCO links !
Hope other BCO contributors to that blog will provide somme of the releases you're looking for...
Take care,

Anonymous said...

as someone already stated in another comment... i think it's time for an pause with bco because when you get an overload of one thing without any variation it can become quickly boring... i still really like bco but there are quite a lot of other interesting projects that deserve some attention...
and alex a few of them are still available for really a few bucks only... so why didn't get them yourself? a physical release is much more satisfying than just another mp3 folder in a list of hundreds...

Anonymous said...

From your wanted list:
xxxx - Seeds of Doom

Thanks for all Alex T!

Post-Materialists said...

Can you post BCO's Carnival Of Monsters ablum please? Looking for this album for years!