Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Grief - Kyn

Label : Danceteria, France, 1988

Several months ago I've posted rarities by french legendary band The Grief and announced that I would post the complete discography as, mysteriously, at a time where so many oldies are re-released, no label plan to re-issue those fantastic records... So here is the first of eight posts, the 12" vinyl edition of "Kyn", brilliant dark electro synth pop to make you dance and cry at the same time !

Tracklist :

A. KYN (7:49)
B1. Sharon Lipschutz (3:57)
B2. KYN (Rape Mix) (3:54)


taalem said...

a Vinyl-on-demand boxset is/was planned, maybe it will see the light of day in 2011?
thanks for the post, any The Grief cassette is welcome!

Sir gO to fLAn said...

Hello and happy new year Nostalgie. All the best for 2011.
I remember it was one of the first record I've listened using a sampler. With the first Young Gods as well. The end of the 80's I mean.