Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dark Alceste De Socaï Vômie - Tristesse Psychotronique

Label : RRR, US, 1991

This is Dark Alceste De Socaï Vômie (alias Marc Alhanati) debut LP, one of the few LPs by french artists on RRR label (after X-Ray Pop and Le Syndicat). The second record by Dark Alceste De Socaï Vômie was a mini CD released by SFCR. The third and last record, released under the artist name Dark Vomal Âme-Code, is a CD that is quite obscure and not distributed anymore.
By the early 90s, Marc Alhanati once told me that the tracks he was creating were longer than any available tape lengths, so he could not record them complete. Mp3 has appeared since then but Marc has disappeared. If you read this, Marc, and have unreleased mp3s you would like to share, please let me know...

Tracklist :

Alpha Side
A1. Electrone (Flies Mix) (2:36)
A2. Necranalyse Psychotronique (5.2.2 Mix) (16:45)
Beta Side
B. Necranalyse Psychotronique (23:24)

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Anonymous said...

the file seems to be corrupted. How can i donwload this great tape from Darl Alceste?