Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kaiser Nietzsche - Signal To Noise Ratio

Cassette, C60
Label : Freedom In A Vacuum, Canada, 1988
Ripped by Styggelse

If you want to know more about Freedom In A Vacuum and Kaiser Nietzsche, please read the Robert Olver comment here.
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Tracklist :

A1. Audience (6:30)
A2. Deutsche Gamelan (1:52)
A3. As This Is (2:10)
A4. Bi-Cycle (4:10)
A5. Idiolect (1:00)
A6. Hold Your Water (2:30)
A7. The Three Comrades (3:19)
A8. New Slave Music (3:07)
A9. Fugue (2:35)
B. Signal To Noise Ratio (29:00)


Anonymous said...

hello tristan, thanks for all the posts and especially for this one... kaiser nietzsche is almost interesting and i really love this tape...

alfarmania said...


nice to see you put this rip up. I have also another kaiser nietzsche tape on freedom in a vaccuum called "vact.12". would love to see some more f.i.a.v. releases around...

(styggelse / alfarmania)